Port Lavaca Real Estate
Jennifer Daniels


Stepping back and considering the economic, educational, and population conditions of Calhoun County, it is easy to come to the conclusion that big things are on the way for Calhoun County businesses. Already supported by a large industrial sector, Calhoun County workers have had access to well paying jobs, and their children the benefit of a well-funded education system for years. The tax base of local industrial plants alone has established a situation where coastal living coincides with low property taxes. Despite the poor economy in recent years, the Calhoun County median household income has grown by 20.67% since 2000, and outperformed the national growth rate by 1.5 percent. Industrial expansion in the area has created an increase in job availability to skilled workers, and the current population does not have the skilled labor force to support the job growth. The current housing available in Calhoun County is unable to accommodate the requirements of a growing population. If you need proof, just try and find an apartment locally. So, where is this all pointing?
   All things point to an inflow of skilled laborers looking to take advantage of the new jobs provided by the growing industrial sector. These prospective workers will bring families, purchase homes, and contribute to the local economy. The housing industry will have to grow to support these new additions, and will provide opportunities for further economic growth. Community growth means that there will be a higher demand for the goods and services necessary to support community members. In the midst of all this, there is opportunity for entrepreneurs who are willing to rise to the occasion, and find ways to capitalize on the growing economy, population, and regional affluence. I think that business in the coastal bend, in general, is heading towards a time of great success.